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Sara Yeow
“honestbee has been a dream come true for working mothers like myself. They shop like how I would, choosing the best and freshest ingredients and items! Now I can spend more meaningful quality time with my boys!”
Sara Yeow
Naina Agarwal
“Cool service! I can order things that are too heavy for me to carry and get them delivered to my doorstep.”
Naina Agarwal
Christopher Cahyadi
“I have been using honestbee for months – very consistent. If there is a delay, the CS team always calls to apologise and tries their best to deliver as quickly as possible. Very efficient, friendly, punctual and trustworthy! Thanks for the great service.”
Christopher Cahyadi
Ashley Wong
“I have ordered twice. Truly lives up to their promise and name. Very responsive and honest. I tried to tip the delivery man, but he refused. Really enjoyed their service and convenience! Will keep using it and recommend to friends anytime!”
Ashley Wong
Your laundry & dry cleaning, delivered in 2 days.
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All of your dry cleaning and laundry picked up, cleaned, and delivered to your door.

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